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Hello everyone,

I wanted to talk about couponing. I know I have not written a blog post in sometime but I am currently working on my 2nd YouTube video and creating some more items to display. Couponing is another one of my hobbies. Well, I’m starting to see couponing as not only a hobby but a lifestyle. Once your mind in set on saving it can become a habit(addiction).

There are several apps that you can download on your phone. They have an app that you can sit and pick out coupons and email them to yourself and print. There are so many ways that you can save money with being a ‘Couponer’. There are groups on social media sites that help first timers get started. YouTube is a big help when it comes to breaking down coupon policies for different stores or showing you how to use coupons.

Some feel that couponing is a waste of time which can be true if you do not know what you are doing. Those pictures and videos of stockpiles that people have made because of couponing are very inspiring. *I must say I Love My Mini Stockpile!*

If you are interested in couponing or becoming a coupon addict email or message me for some tips! I might even do a detailed blog about it.

If you have any tips or ideas that you want to share feel free to comment.
~Ms. Kay